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  What is HydroSeeding?

Hydroseeding is the simple procedure of applying grass seed, fertilizer, hydromulch and water in one liquefied application. Various soil amendments and soil stabilizers may also be used in the mixture depending on the needs of the environment.



How much does HydroSeed cost?

Hydroseeding prices will vary greatly across the United States. Conditions such as Grass type, soil additives and extreme climates are some of the factors that will affect cost. Hydroseeding jobs are commonly priced by the Square footage of area to be seeded and can range from 15-25 cents a square foot.


What type of grass seed is used in HydroSeeding?

Most any type of grass seed can be used in Hydroseeding, factors such as climate conditions will be the determining factor as to which grass type is used. 


Why is the green color gone from my HydroSeeded lawn?

The green dye that was present during the initial application will fade and disappear in as few as 2 days in some cases and in other instances it may last weeks. The colorant has no bearing on the quality of the hydroseed or the impression that the hydroseeded lawn has washed away.



How much should I water my HydroSeeded lawn?

Initially water is essential to the development of a strong root system in your hydroseeded lawn. Newly hydroseeded lawns should be watered as much as 2-3 times a day. Special care should be taken to ensure that the lawn is NOT saturated during watering and puddles DO NOT form on the lawn. An irrigation system or handheld garden hose is often the best method of watering your lawn. The goal is to have a consistently moist area for the best germination results.


When should I fertilize my HydroSeeded lawn?

This will often vary depending on the type of grass seed used, condition of the soil and recommended fertilizer types for your climate. A common practice is to apply a nitrogen rich fertilizer soon after the first mowing has been done. Weeks 4-6 are common fertilizing times. When in doubt, an Expert should be consulted as improper fertilization could cause severe damage to your lawn.


Can I walk on the HydroSeed once it is applied?

Only as much as is absolutely necessary. Heavy traffic on a newly seeded lawn can permanently damage the new grass. Walking on a freshly hydroseeded lawn can leave depressions in the lawn and in some cases cause bare spots to form.



How soon will I have grass?

Often times hydroseeded lawns will begin to germinate is as little as 5-7 days. Most grass types will take between 3-4 weeks to fill in and depending on how often the lawn is watered, and the type of grass seed used, it can take up to as much as 8 weeks to see strong growth.


When should I first mow my HydroSeeded lawn?

As a general rule of thumb the first mowing is recommended once the lawn reaches 3-4 inches in height. The 1/3rd rule is a good guideline, You should never remove more than 1/3rd of the grass blade at one time.


Do I need any special equipment to mow my HydroSeeded lawn?

No. The most important item you can have when mowing your new lawn is a very sharp mower blade. Try to avoid sharp turns when mowing a fresh lawn so as to avoid tearing the grass out with your tires.



Is HydroSeeding guaranteed?

A reputable Hydroseeding contractor will stand by his work. Often times incidents such as Torrential rains, Hurricanes or acts of nature are beyond the Hydroseeders control and are often not covered. A common problem in the development of a new lawn is neglect, not watering the property sufficiently will cause the yard to appear spotty and incomplete.


Is HydroSeeding better than sod?

Having your lawn sodded will give you a picture perfect lawn in as little as one day. Hydroseeding may take a few weeks to see your lawn fully develop. Hydroseeding is also 60%-75% less expensive than the costly application of sod. As to which lawn looks better, aftercare and attention to your investment will ultimately determine what your results are with either choice.


Do HydroSeeders have to have a license to HydroSeed?

Some states do require licensure of certain types to apply some of the additives in the hydroseeding mixture. It is always best to check with your State Agricultural Board as to what the specifics are in your area.



Can I apply weed-kill to my HydroSeeded lawn?

Strong chemicals such as Pesticides or weed-killers should be avoided until your lawn is well established. A common practice is to wait at least 3 months before any pesticides are used on your new lawn as some chemicals may hinder your lawn from growing to its full potential.


Do I need to have a soil test done before HydroSeeding?

A soil test is an important tool in evaluating your soils requirements. Often times a hydroseeding contractor will do his own soil test to determine exactly what nutrients are lacking in your soil.


Can a HydroSeeder spray something other than grass seed?

Absolutely, Hydroseeders can often spray wildflower mixtures, Horse pasture mixes and many many more.


Whats the best time of year to have my lawn HydroSeeded?

This will depend greatly on your climate, traditionally the Spring and Fall months are the most conducive to growing any type of vegetation.


Do I need to have new soil brought in before I HydroSeed my yard?

A soil sample will tell exactly what the health of your soil is and how conducive the area will be to grow grass. Additional soil is sometimes required if the existing soil is sterile or is nutritionally deficient beyond reasonable control.


I see green stains on my foundation and my walkway after my yard was HydroSeeded, will it go away?

Absolutely, the green dye that may have splashed onto your foundation or walkways will usually fade away within a few days and can be hosed off with a garden hose.



Take advantage of the best growing systems for grass. New lawn, old lawns renovated and overseeded. Custom seed blends and wildflower mixes available. Certified erosion control, We use hydro-seeding method on roadsides and steep banks, golf courses and your finer homes. We install for residential and commercial properties.

If you decide on choosing a Hydro Seeded lawn. You have chosen the best way available to establish a beautiful lawn. All that is required is for you to follow the steps below to insure quality turf establishment.

Hydroseeding is a process whereby seed, water, fertilizer and wood/paper/fiber mulch are mixed together and applied over graded and prepared grounds. The green mat that covers your lawn is wood/paper/fiber. Its functions are:

  • Water Retention - Wood fibers can retain up to 10 times their weight in water, thereby retaining moisture. The result is a quick and thicker grass stand.
  • Soil Retention - Wood fibers help prevent wind and water erosion.
  • Protection - Wood fibers protect young seedlings from the scorching sun and maintain soil temperature.

As your lawn grows and becomes established, the mulch fibers will gradually decompose and add nourishment to the soil. We use only the finest seeds, fertilizers, mulches and weed control. Our equipment is state-of-the-art.

Once the newly hydroseeded lawn has set for 24 hours, its time for watering. Keep the lawn moist at all times, preferably by frequent light sprinkling. Water with a lawn sprinkler. Do not try to water your lawn by hand. Both rotary type and oscillating type sprinklers work well. Keep the top six inches of soil moist, not muddy. Do not over water. It is best to water each area of your lawn twice a day, morning and late afternoon, for 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Continue this schedule until the first cutting, then gradually reduce the frequency and increase the duration of the watering. An established lawn requires approximately one inch of water per week, either in rainfall or irrigation.

A high quality starter fertilizer was applied to your lawn at the time it was hydroseeded. This fertilizer is designed to feed your lawn during the important establishment period. Within four weeks a four to six step fertilization program should be started. Please contact a local Lawn Program Company in sufficient time to assure an application is completed four weeks after seeding. No weed killer of any kind should be used during the first 45 days.

A new lawn should be mowed as soon as the grass blades reach a height of three inches. Delaying the first mowing will inhibit the germination of slower germinating grasses, such as bluegrass, and will be detrimental to your lawn in the long run.
Mow your lawn often. You should never remove more than one third of the leaf at any one time. Lawn mower blades must be kept sharp to cut evenly and prevent damage to your lawn. Your lawn is at it's best if it is kept at 3 to 3.5 inches in height of cut. When kept at this height, your lawn will establish a deeper root system, which will make for a healthier turf that is better able to withstand drought, disease and insect pressures.

Weeds will appear in your lawn. They come from seeds, which have lain dormant in your soil or have been carried in by birds or the wind. Growing good healthy grass can best control these weeds. (Another reason to apply a four-step lawn program.) Grass that is properly watered, mowed and fertilized provides too much competition for weed plants to gain a good stronghold.

Growing and maintaining a lawn is not difficult if you remember the basic needs of the grass plants. They are water, sunlight and nutrition. If you supply these in the proper amounts, and at the proper time, you will have a lawn to be proud of and enjoy.

Your topsoil, if provided by other, is not the responsibility of this company. Rocky, pH, or any other deficiency should be brought up with the person who provided you with the topsoil. Acts of God (rain, wind, hail, etc. that cause wash outs) are not part of our warranty. We not responsible for weed competition or their eradication. Also, We are not responsible for Acts of God, theft, vandalism or anything else beyond our control. Including drought, torrential rains and other weather related conditions.
Hydroseed is a live product! It may be necessary to water within 1 - 3 hours of application. Hydroseed is perishable and will die if it is not watered properly.

Your new lawn is still in its infancy. Just because your lawn looks fully established, doesn't mean you can stop watering or change your mowing practices! It takes many months before your lawn is ready for the stress of hot summers, and cold winters. Choosing the right fertilizers, keeping your mower blades sharp, proper watering practices, and changing the heights of mowing throughout the year, should guarantee you a healthy and beautiful lawn!

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